Homelessness and Housing

Shelter accuses Boris Johnson of "cuts" to affordable housing budget as sources admit announcement in March involved some double-counting.
One officer said "we don’t have time for that", documents reveal. The reason for the rush? To save Richard Desmond up to £50m in tax.
A hotel near St. Mungo’s Hospital in London became the centre for homeless people to sleep, eat and try to re-establish themselves after the pandemic. We spoke to Laurie Charlesworth, who worked at the hotel, about her experience.
As hotels prepare to return to business as usual, the homeless people staying in them during the pandemic face a “cliff-edge” fear of returning to the streets.
Campaigners fear those with "no recourse to public funds" could be left out in the cold even as other homeless people are offered further support.
But charities say the move is a "sticking plaster, not a cure" without further action to protect renters.
Labour calls for investigation and MPs label housing secretary "unfit" for job over intervention that would have saved Richard Desmond's firm millions.
Cracks in local authority systems exacerbated by central government policy have left vulnerable homeless people fearing for their lives during Covid-19.
The government has vowed to end 'no fault' evictions under the Housing Act 1988. Here's why groups like Acorn and Shelter have welcomed the move.
Every week 5,500 families approach English councils for help with homelessness, but vulnerable people are being left in limbo.