Scientists suggest there were at least around 8,000 cases of hospital-acquired Covid-19.
Junior doctor Matthew Lee filmed the "maskless, drunk" crowd outside a busy London hospital after finishing a late shift on New Year's Eve.
Former nurses and doctors who came back to tackle Covid-19 at the height of the pandemic raise serious concerns about how hospitals will be staffed this time around.
Nurses describe the emotional turmoil of being with Covid-19 patients as they die without their family beside them.
Covid-19 deaths in care homes have now overtaken those in hospitals.
Father James Mackay is helping coronavirus patients at their bedside in London's Nightingale Hospital. James has set up a 24-hour chaplaincy service for the seriously ill and their families and says the virus is taking its toll on everyone involved – including his fellow priests.
The statistics from the ONS include people dying outside of hospitals whose death certificates mentioned Covid-19.
The president didn't appear to grasp that hospitals are using more because of the global coronavirus pandemic.
The girl was taken to hospital but died a short time later.