Entrepreneur says he ran into financial trouble and he was unable to pay staff – but insisted workers would get their wages and clients would see their products. They haven't yet.
The Work and Pensions Committee said it is “unconvinced” that the industry will rise to the challenge of providing clear, transparent information about the costs and charges of investments.
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Promotional feature from NatWest
Despite living longer than men, women are saving significantly less for later life with new analysis suggesting that the gap between men and women’s pension income is nearly 40 percent
Cyril Ramaphosa has returned from an investment-seeking drive with $20 billion's worth of investment in his pocket.
'We are keenly aware of the severe policy uncertainty facing agriculture in the form of expropriation without compensation (EWC).'
'For Putin, this is return on his investment.'
"I think what we did was to restore confidence in the minds and the hearts of South Africans."
The rise of China and India, in particular, has created a slipstream for many developing countries, some of whom have responded quite positively.