In a statement given to The Irish News, the New IRA said it offered its “full and sincere apologies” to the family and friends of Northern Irish journalist Lyra McKee. They added that new guidelines will be issued regarding the behaviour of their "volunteers" when "engaging the enemy". The 29-year-old was observing riots in Londonderry on April 18 when she was fatally shot.
Forty-six years after she was killed, the first person to be charged over her death will appear in court.
Diane Abbott today claimed she had changed her views on the IRA in the same way she had changed her hairstyle. The Shadow
Labour leader said he attended event 'in honour of all those who died in Northern Ireland'
Jeremy Corbyn has denied he took part in a silence to honour dead IRA terrorists. The Labour leader was quizzed by the BBC’s
John McDonnell’s apology for praising the IRA does not excuse his ‘hurtful and insensitive actions’ at the time, the dad
Perhaps if this was discussed more in the public eye, the Northern Irish peace process could move on to a stronger sense of everyone's aspirations being equal. That way too, mistakes of the past are less likely to happen again.