The looming civil war and bloody insurgency in Iraq were caused by the West's failure to intervene in Syria, not the 2003
'We Could Go Back To Iraq,' Says Ex-Defence Minister Liam Fox Iran And The US, Two Very Old Enemies, Could Join Forces To
In foreign policy, politics sometimes comes down to necessity. Iran has said it is willing to co-operate with the United
The consequences of a victory for extremist insurgents in Iraq are so "potentially catastrophic" that the possibility of
What folly. What crass, indescribable, unbelievable folly it was to invade Iraq in 2003. I wonder what George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Tony Blair think now as they read of the latest disasters to befall that wretched land. Do they still say that Iraq is better off than it was under Saddam Hussein? Do they? Really?
Iraq is on the brink of civil war and risks completely breaking apart after one of the country's most prominent clerics made
It wasn't just about WMDs. Among the main justifications cited for the assault on Baghdad in 2003, without UN authorisation
ISIS could very well have become the world's richest terror organisation after an injection of £250m into their coffers following
Oil prices have hit a nine-month high due to turmoil breaking out in Iraq as two cities were taken over by insurgents in
On Iraq's Western border, the masked jihadists of ISIS have been quite literally bulldozing the frontier of a new Islamic