"You seemed to dodge that question," the BBC Radio 4 presenter pointed out.
"I'm so scared. Please come," the young girl said while under fire.
Troops are expected to advance to the densely-populated southern city of Rafah.
Councillor Azhar Ali has apologised for his "deeply offensive, ignorant and false" comments.
“There are a lot of innocent people who are starving," the US president said. "There are a lot of innocent people who are in trouble and dying."
“It is incredibly ironic and frustrating how the US government detained him for two years and then funded and armed his killing,” Motaz Alhelou’s former lawyer said.
The Friday letter from officials in the US, Britain and European countries comes after a State Department meeting where employees challenged Biden's policy.
It isn’t the first time the Republican representative has questioned the existence of innocent Palestinians.
The Palestinian ambassador to the UK called the comments the "best shot in the arm".
Israel's military said the militants were using the hospital as a hideout, without providing evidence.