An interview in which Corbyn blames an Islamist attack on the 'hand of Israel' has been raised.
Just picture the scene - Kensington Palace officials and British diplomats excitedly recce the itinerary for the Duke of
The trip comes after her apology for her 'Gaza sh*thole' comments.
Radio personality Gareth Cliff has courted controversy again, this time by declaring that Israel is entitled to protect itself from Palestinians "clearly hellbent on violence".
NFP has announced its intention to submit a resolution to the National Assembly to downgrade South Africa's embassy in Israel.
On Monday, one day prior to the 70th anniversary of Israel’s founding, the Trump administration fulfilled its promise to
Hamas, the Islamic government and terror group, rules the Gaza Strip with an iron fist without regard for human or civil rights, says Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs project director.
The time for symbolic condemnation is over. The ICC must take action, and the international community must act concretely – Amnesty International director.
"People died, Zev – and that’s the horror here, not your hurt feelings."