The US secretary of state's comments follow the killing of three US troops by a drone attack in Jordan over the weekend.
The United States has denounced calls for the Israeli resettlement of Gaza, but stopped short of saying it would imperil US aid to Israel.
A Muslim civil rights group called the former House speaker's assertion "delusional."
The International Court of Justice kept alive South Africa's claim that Israel is committing genocide with its U.S.-backed military offensive. Israel and the U.S. deny the charges.
Tahir Ali was hauled in for a dressing down by Labour's chief whip.
An official who was present during Israel Katz's presentation described the video as "very bizarre."
The former US president used sound effects and gestures as he acted out his “iron dome” plan.
The shadow foreign secretary had real trouble getting through his address on Saturday.
That's not what Israel's allies, the US and the UK, were hoping for.
Husam Zomlot said the UK had suffered "reputational damage".