James O'Brien

James O'Brien has hit out at Kelvin MacKenzie, branding the former Sun editor's infamous front page on the Hillsborough disaster
James O'Brien has accused the "right wing" media of blistering hypocrisy over its treatment of people in poverty using food
James O'Brien has described Iain Duncan Smith's claim that he resigned from the government out of concern for the vulnerable
Boris Johnson has "ambition dripping from every pore," and has cynically calculated his future leadership ambitions are best
James O'Brien scolded "comical" Jeremy Corbyn for providing "no opposition" to the Tory party during a rant on LBC on Wednesday
James O'Brien had a fiery showdown with a caller on his LBC show on Tuesday during a debate over whether full-face veils
A radio phone-in caller has alleged he was nearly sacked for refusing to check-in Lord Janner, as the peer would not give
An NHSjunior doctor answered the criticism that medics are refusing to work unsociable hours during a phone-in on Tuesday