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Could it be that if we had a proper discussion about the issues that affect men and boys, society might actually be forced to do something about them?
The truth is I care deeply about fighting for women's equality and I will do all I can to use my expertise to do this in my time in Parliament. I won't apologise for that. But I also care about issues that affect men and I will do all I can to make this better too. After all I'm a woman, I can multitask.
A Labour MP who received rape threats after objecting to a parliamentary "Men's Day" debate has said she will not quit social
Labour MP Jess Phillips has spoken of her disgust after being inundated with online threats to rape and murder her. The mother
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The fact that I didn't support Jeremy Corbyn to be the leader of the party seems to have been taken, by some, as if I tried to steal their first-born child and sell it to an elf with a golden spinning wheel. It's not just cyberspace where such pearl-clutching sensitivity goes on...
The truth is, I don't know what the hell to think. I don't want to drop bombs that kill innocent civilians. At the moment I can't see how more bombs upon bombs would help. But I also think sitting doing nothing is not an option either. I've spoken to Syrian constituents of mine who think the UK should take military action. I've also read accounts of Syrian children scared of the sky. For every action a perfect and equal opposite reaction. What galls me about this more than anything, is that my role in this, my vote, my shuffle through the lobby is so widely discussed and dissected in the media, by my party, by their party by people in the country and it is all still speculation. No vote has been called. No discussion has been had.
If I were to be straight talking and honest I'd say the last five days were probably my fave times at party conference in last five years. It is gorgeous to be adored and it was really sunny. Jeremy must feel pretty warm and fuzzy if the way I feel is anything to go by. But and it is a big but... we need to draw a line under the love-in, stop talking to each other and start talking and listening to the non revolutionary non adoring sorts.
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Labour MP Jess Phillips told Diane Abbott to “fuck off” during a heated row about a lack of women in the top shadow cabinet