Joe Alwyn

Swifties pointed to another musician to explain the meanings behind songs off the new album.
Song titles on The Tortured Poets Department also include So Long London and The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived.
Swift's representative, Tree Paine, was incensed that celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi furthered the baseless rumour.
On You're Losing Me, the pop star alludes to a deteriorating relationship and a marriage that never materialised.
Fans have been in a tailspin over Taylor Swift's breakup with longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Here's why it's such a big deal.
People reported that the couple had been “talking about marriage as recently as a few months ago.”
Jemima Kirke, Joe Alywn, Sasha Lane and Alison Oliver lead the cast of the BBC's new adaptation of Sally Rooney's novel.
"It's not really [because I] want to be guarded… it's more a response to something else," the Conversations With Friends star said.