John Healey

New affordable homes would be available to young people on "ordinary incomes" not just the poorest in society.
After almost nine years in office it’s clear that current Conservative housing policy is not just failing to fix the housing crisis – it’s made it worse
Safety net in place since the 1940s quietly ditched by ministers
The bigger test now is whether the Government will take the bold action needed to fix the housing crisis
The devastating impact of homelessness has been laid bare by members of a House of Commons committee.  MPs on Parliament’s
Shadow housing minister says interest rate hike will also heighten risk.
Plans to scrap a government mortgage help scheme - coupled with a hike in interest rates - could push millions of families
The Government has already trebled the time people who can't keep up their mortgage payments must wait for help from 13 weeks to 39 weeks. Now Ministers are set to change this support from a benefit to an interest-bearing loan. Another loan is no good if you can't keep up with the loan you've already got. This is exactly the wrong time to remove help with meeting mortgage costs when the risk of repossession looms.
'The social housing system is on its knees. It needs a big adrenalin shot to kick it back into life.'