john worboys

Now known as John Derek Radford, the 62-year-old was jailed indefinitely for public protection in 2009.
Worboys would pick up his victims in a black taxi cab.
Each of the charges relate to four separate individuals.
Outrage over black cab rapist case sparked change in parole system.
The board found he had a “sense of sexual entitlement”, a “need to control women” and a belief that “rape was acceptable”. So why was he granted parole the first time?
The 61-year-old was convicted of 19 assaults on 12 women, and was granted release in January.
Former Tory aide described her ordeal in The Sunday Times.
'Look, I made the decision. I accept responsibility, so I’m not hiding behind my advisers.'
John Hardwick says the government should 'accept responsibility for the mistakes that were made'.