judi dench

Including comedy greats, stunning live performances and a powerful speech from one of the night’s hosts.
Sir Kenneth Branagh and Andrew Garfield are also up for Academy Awards this year.
"She kept saying, ‘What are you doing? What are you doing?’"
"For me, there’s plenty of room at the top. Sometimes you just accept that life rolls along and things come to you when they should."
The two actors shared an on-screen partnership that lasted more than a decade in the sitcom As Time Goes By.
The Oscar-winning star has said Geoffrey was always "getting her into trouble" on the set of As Time Goes By.
He was best known for playing Lionel Hardcastle in the BBC sitcom opposite Judi Dench.
The After Life star took aim at Dame Judi following her performance in Cats.
The acting legend played Old Deuteronomy in the big screen adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.
The Oscar-winning star has admitted she hasn't actually watched her performance as Old Deuteronomy back yet.