Kate McCann

Celebrities from film, music, TV and sport are due to show their support.
It has been nearly ten years since the then three-year-old disappeared.
Criticising the amount of public money spent on the search for Madeleine McCann is “unfair”, her father has said. Gerry McCann
Madeleine McCann’s parents have said they will do “whatever it takes for as long as it takes” to find their daughter as the
There is reportedly still one person near Praia da Luz that police want to speak to.
Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have been granted thousands of pounds to extend the search for
The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judges were reduced to tears during auditions this week, following a performance from The Missing
'A little girl going missing should not be made into a game or a challenge'
The parents of missing Madeleine McCann are “distressed” after learning that tourists are being offered morbid sightseeing
PM has a 'conflict of interest' by being so close to media executives, he says.
David Cameron has "pushed aside" victims of press intrusion and sided with media proprietors, Madeleine McCann's father has
Kate McCann has said she believes her daughter's kidnapper did not take her "a million miles" from the Algarve. Madeleine
The night that our little girl was taken from her bed, we mistakenly presumed that some kind of alert would have gone out immediately to the public, to get as many eyes and ears involved in the search as possible. That didn't happen.
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Former BBC royal reporter Jennie Bond also responded, tweeting: “I cannot believe you have just written that.” “How sad that
A dossier of appalling online abuse directed at the parents of Madeleine McCann is being examined by police. Members of the
Gerry and Kate McCann's son asked them whether they had covered up his sister Maddie's death after a former cop claimed this
Kate and Gerry McCann will appear in a Portuguese court on Monday to descibe how they suffered unnecessary grief over accusations