labour coup

The inside story of that historic meeting
Soon after he walked into the NEC meeting, Jeremy Corbyn knew that his ten-month leadership of the Labour Party was on the
It's time for 'Return Of The Jedi', she says
Angela Eagle has formally launched her leadership challenge to Jeremy Corbyn, vowing to bring Labour out of its “dark times
Or at least, among those who express a preference.
The “vast majority” of new Labour members who express a preference are backing Jeremy Corbyn, HuffPost UK has been told. Party
'Last roll of the dice' to avoid bitter leadership battle
Tom Watson is to hold an emergency meeting with union chiefs in a "last throw of the dice" to get Jeremy Corbyn to quit and
"Next time that you want to stab Caesar, make sure that you're not holding a plastic spoon". At a time when politics has become increasingly like the Thick of It, Labour's revolters may regret not heeding Malcolm Tucker's advice.
The Blairite coup against Jeremy Corbyn has sorely misjudged the public mood. The economy is in free fall and the rampant racism unleashed by the Leave campaign makes the "No blacks, dogs and Irish" signs of the 60's seem welcoming. Vigilante bigots now roam our streets attacking "foreigners", issuing unofficial deportation orders demanding, "We want our country back".