labour coup

Leadership challenger also slams McDonnell
Labour is heading for an historic split in the party if Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership election, his challenger Owen Smith
Owen Smith. He’s been busy unveiling a ‘workers’ manifesto’ of rights and conditions, and in Milton Keynes on Wednesday he
Last year, Labour members voted overwhelmingly to elect Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the party. The unexpected election of an avowed socialist followed two decades of the neoliberal New Labour project. From the heartlands to the backbenches, many expressed their dismay that the project had embodied the wrong ideals. Was power without principle worth having?
I'd urge anybody on the left that thinks the post-Brexit coup was a good idea to get real... David Cameron is leaving a country that is among the most unequal in Europe and where food bank use is at a record high. It's Labour's job to point out these failures - that's literally what the party is supposed to be for.
Leader addressed members via smartphone
Jeremy Corbyn has thanked Labour members for their support after an unofficial meeting in Angela Eagle’s constituency. Speaking
Former Shadow Cabinet minister pledges Brexit deal to face 2nd referendum or election
Owen Smith has issued a stark warning that the prospect of a Labour party split is “dangerously real” if Jeremy Corbyn stays
Without significant anti-democratic fixing of the ballot, Corbyn will stand again, and win again, probably galvanising more of the public in his populist cause. It is high time the Labour rebels realised that, and fell on the side of the British people.