Laura Dern

The two-time Oscar winner and her daughter Gaia Wise had some fun as they struck a pose at the show.
Something was always going to go wrong – but we didn't count on just how early on the first technical mishap would be.
And one 'accolade' that a certain star won't be celebrating.
Including surprising performances, huge red carpet moments and even a couple of shock wins.
A Lizzie Borden biopic, a Laura Dern vehicle and a handful of films about race in America are among our most anticipated.
'May we also please protect and employ them,' she added.
'We see you. We hear you. And we will tell your stories.'
It is always the plan. I know my mother wanted more for me than she had had herself, professionally, romantically, economically and everything-ally. And I have spent my life trying to make that happen, especially since she died sixteen years ago.