Lee Anderson

The independent MP used the senior Tory's infamous language in reference to 41 people dying in a shipwreck off Italy.
It's yet another blow for Rishi Sunak's "small boats week".
The prime minister's hopes of getting on the front foot were scuppered by the Tories' foul-mouthed deputy chairman.
Justice secretary Alex Chalk said the comment was "not bigotry at all".
The Tory deputy chairman said the corporation was "a safe haven for perverts".
The Tory party deputy chairman later pulls out of rebel Conservative launch event.
The Conservative party deputy chairman and Brendan Clarke-Smith have created some curious content.
"Telling people who don’t agree with you to leave the country is about as 'cancel culture' as it gets."
His attempt to attack the Met Commissioner spectacularly backfired.
Tory deputy chairman thinks some people object to his Easter canal boat plans. Absolutely no-one does.