lgbt history month

Teaching children about acceptance matters. And as a member of the LGBT community, I know visibility matters too, writes headteacher Gerry Robinson.
After the cabaret drag scene helped define my identity as a gay man, performing made me realise 'Asifa' was more just a stage name – it was my true identity
The town doesn't just tolerate its LGBT+ community, it values and embraces us
You guys go into battle each and every day with the future of our society and country hanging in the balance – you’re doing great, you’re valued, and, best of all, you’ll win
Lee Gray came out to his traditional Caribbean family in an unusual manner but thankfully they were welcoming of his decision to come out. However, Lee is well aware that his experience isn’t the norm across the black community and has set up a podcast helping black people navigate through the world of LGBTQ. His advice? Create your own space to be the person that you want to be.
She championed transgender rights in an era when even the gay community turned its back on us
Let's be clear: the problem isn’t peoples' sexuality or gender identity, but society’s attitude to it
How many famous or influential bisexual men can you name?
While Oscar Wilde was being tormented in Reading Gaol, Hirschfeld launched the world’s first gay rights organisation in Berlin
For a young Catholic girl just starting to explore her sexuality, Jeanette’s story of a lesbian growing up in Pentecostal England was nothing short of transformative