Life Less Ordinary

For 10 minutes we were normal, and that wind just blew all the death off of us
Can you picture what it’s like to be terribly in love, and know that all you have is a few hours, this moment in time?
A tumor ruptured in my liver, and in the space of two hours I went into multisystem organ failure
I stayed as calm as I could because I knew that he would pick up on my fear. I truly thought that it would be a certain death for me as he threw me gently around his body for what seemed like an eternity
I was stalked by wolves, slept in snowfields with no shelter, fell into a raging river and was nearly swept over an eighty foot waterfall. I had survived in those conditions longer than anybody else on record. They called me The Miracle Man
No one believed me when I said I couldn't see pictures when I closed my eyes
Painting has helped me to get in touch with a feeling of confusion, madness and the unknown
The biggest lesson I learnt is that your background only determines your starting point in life
life less ordinary bannerIt was the middle of spring quarter at Berkeley, so the next morning I had my class, as usual. And I had to either teach it or explain why not. It was far easier to teach, so I dropped off our daughter, Emily - who was five and three-quarters at the time - at kindergarten, along with her faithful Aussie, her Australian shepherd, who went everywhere with her. I headed down to school and taught my class.
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