Life Less Ordinary

I survived famine in North Korea and slavery in China, then found safety in the UK. Believe me when I say refugees like me understand what freedom and happiness is more than anyone else.
When Keith's mom died, he asked if he could live with me, asked if I could be his dad. And at that moment, I changed. I just felt right.
As a human rights activist and a former soldier who had skills that were practically, directly useful, I thought I could make a difference. To me it was almost simple – I should go.
After growing up in a strict Christian home that burned non-religious music, the freedom of burlesque showed me loving dance does not make me a blight on the face of the earth.
It was time to cast aside the shame and the self-doubt. It was time to celebrate that I am enough just as I am – without a significant other.
The second time I was struck set in motion my long recovery from PTSD, depression, anxiety, toe amputations, twelve surgeries on my jaw and learning to walk, talk and read again
After years of her phone buzzing in the middle of the night, Dee Ford from Kent decided to find out more about her gridiron namesake, and is now his biggest fan
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