Life Less Ordinary

Every day I'm determined to ensure other families don’t have to go through the years of anguish I went through with Clive
I moved from Northern Ireland to London to leave my chemical demons behind but found purpose in helping others
Stalking, death threats and numerous criminal charges: My investigation into environmental corruption quickly became the unravelling of the Malaysian government — at great personal cost
Since I’ve been out of prison, I live in terror every single day. I’m scared of everything, all the time. But I’m trying to fight my way through it
I’m often asked what I’ve learned doing my time in jail. The answer? It's not worth it
As kids living in dysfunction, we had no choice but to stick together, to witness each other’s abnormalities without judgement, to accept each other without demanding any change
I am disabled and that won’t change. But I can change society’s stereotype of an amputee.
Each time I got into the cold water, I felt there was a mental process I was overcoming and that’s the addictive part of it
I quietly, weightlessly, drift in the aquatic space, watching fish and the aquatic environment interact with each other
It is not my whole identity, it does not define me, it is just an element of me
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