Life Less Ordinary

I would genuinely say that if I can do it, literally anybody can – you just need to be brave enough
My punishment for wearing a bikini was to be the sole target of a massive, coordinated verbal firing squad that had but one purpose – to tear me down
Chloe and Simon taught me how joyous, wonderful and short life is - when I look back on mine, I want to be able to say I did my best and I made a difference
It started with a misinformation campaign to discredit me as an investigative journalist. Then my face was edited into a porn video and they doxxed me.
There is hardship in being transgender, but there’s also joy, love, resilience and family - I wanted to tell a different kind of story
When a stray dog wagged his tail at me on a battlefield, little did we know it would change life for both of us
The crew had quite literally put their faith and lives in my shaky hands - was this wise? Of course it was, they don’t call me Practical Parky for nothing
They were the neighbours who used to come to share a beer with my dad. They were the parents of the kids I played football with. My mum worked with them to sort out community programmes
As the cult took hold, 1,000 of us moved across the world - squandering our fortunes - to meditate in a bid to prevent certain global annihilation
I would not trade the time I had with Cerian for anything - she was our child and we loved her, no matter what kind of body she had
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