Life Less Ordinary

Activist Barbara Collins Bowie retells how her mother's discriminatory treatment at a Mississippi hospital sparked a life in the civil rights movement
Journalist Liel Leibovitz shares how it felt to find out his dad was the 'Motorcycle Bandit', and how that gave him the freedom to decide what kind of man he wanted to be
Explorer Ann Daniels shares her ascent from applying for an Arctic expedition as an amateur to becoming one of the first women to ski to the North Pole
Bestselling author Neil Gaiman retells the story of being left at Liverpool Street as a child, for a special Life Less Ordinary collaboration between HuffPost UK and The Moth
Six years after sepsis took my own hands and feet, this year I became the UK's third recipient of a double hand transplant
After a 30-year career in aid work, I resigned to share my lifelong love of magic to inject happiness into the lives of children bearing the brunt of war
Whenever my mother thought I was becoming too confident independent, we moved – then she used my cheating, controlling ex against me
After we fostered Frank, I scanned the pictures and stories at the kennel and told my husband, "there are too many good dogs still down there"
After running 556 miles, cycling 161 miles and swimming 6.5 miles in 365 days, I felt in control of my body
I've been 'passing' as a white woman since age 30, and now I understand why some white people don't see discrimination
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