Life Less Ordinary

I can still be that party girl again, but I love that there is a wild, ethereal part of me as well. I love that I can cycle to another city at a moment’s notice
When I run, I feel the darkness dropping out of the bottom of my shoes
We’ve sacrificed everything to get where we are, but when Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese is a household name, and we’ve made enough money for a secure future, our kids will appreciate why we’ve worked so hard
I will be the first to tell you that my story is one-in-a-million
A friend said that if my life story inspires even one girl-child in India then it has been a life worth living. The time for ladies first is now.
I started researching and discovered that this condition “could cause hemorrhage and lead to maternal and infant fatalities”. This was what was going to happen. The baby would survive. I would not. I was sure of it
When I lost my seat it felt as if there was a huge party going on in Westminster to which I had not been invited
I really believed that I had found the one good heart. There was a kind of purity and honesty about his writing
He fell asleep, but I stayed awake, holding this man that I had just met, and connecting the freckles on his back like I was tracing a constellation, but a new one, ours
Warren would obsess all day about music and melody, and I would obsess all day about mathematics and numbers. It was like we were pulling so hard in such opposite directions that the tension kept both of us from floating away
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