Lucy Powell

The party has been criticised over a graphic claiming the PM does not support the jailing of child sex offenders.
MP Lucy Powell described it as a "blight" on communities.
Panelists also unload on Tory minister, and criticise "ideological" drive to get people back to offices.
Tory MP joins backlash, saying Margaret Thatcher would oppose "very unconservative" sell-off.
Powell: "I was a state educated, northern girl doing science."
Lucy Powell tells HuffPost UK: “We can’t keep putting two fingers up to people if we want them to vote for us again.”
This week brought the welcome news that the first coronavirus vaccine has been approved for use in the UK. Has the announcement on the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine come at a useful time for Boris Johnson as his backbenchers show their dismay at lockdown tiers being imposed across the country?Another potential pitfall for Johnson is the enduring Brexit negotiations that are going down to the wire - but the situation is also a problem for opposition leader Keir Starmer, who will almost certainly split his party however he decides to vote on any deal.Joining Arj Singh and Paul Waugh, Labour MP Lucy Powell discusses a momentous week for the government and the country.
We up North are getting a little bit tired of southern-based sceptics, be they Conservative MPs, peers or journalists, telling the North what is should prioritise, writes Labour MP Lucy Powell.
It would be a backward-looking and a short-sighted mistake if we cancelled this transformational railway project, MPs Lucy Powell and John Stevenson write.
"We need ministers to go after these quacks," says Labour's Lucy Powell in wake of UK losing its 'measles free' status.