Marilyn Monroe

Sir Elton John's long-time lyricist says he went ahead with writing the song even though he "didn't care for Marilyn Monroe".
The creator of the Marilyn Monroe movie says it's not "anti-choice".
"I couldn't really move my hands... I was freaking out."
The reality star recently faced accusations that the dress was damaged when she wore it to the Met Gala last monht.
The reality star wore the 1962 crystal-covered dress at the Met Gala in May.
The reality star came under fire when she spoke about the measures she took to lose a significant amount of weight before the Met Gala.
Fashion legend Bob Mackie said “nobody should have been in that dress."
"I’m literally going to do some crazy voodoo sh** [to] channel her."
She looked spectacular – but did her outfit send the right message?
The reality star showed up in the iconic "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" dress, which she revealed she had to "fit into exactly"