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The former movie mogul's attorney, meanwhile, celebrated the appeals court's ruling as “a great day for America.”
The Oscar winner gave a special thank you to a pivotal figure in the #MeToo movement.
"I’ll always wonder how many other models The Photographer offered to help. I suspect that I was one of many."
"I began to hate myself for not reacting accordingly ... I felt as if I had become a very bad person."
“What was so shocking was the casting director and director were there and no one said anything because he is such a huge star."
Maria Miller said NDAs have been "weaponised" to uphold a "culture of abuse".
Virginia Giuffre's suit claims the Duke of York sexually assaulted and abused her when she was 17.
South Korean politicians are looking to criminalise such behaviour.
The story of Reese Witherspoon's Elle Woods nailed a lot about careers but totally failed on a few key points.
Journalist E. Jean Carroll's attorneys argue that's both "wrong and dangerous."