"This is me, I am George. I can’t wait to be your friend.”
The 18-year-old said he "can't wait" to get stuck into his new role.
The government pledged to cut the number of people in inpatient units, but the number jumped to 2,100 in August, new figures reveal.
This comes as a fundraiser for Emilia Clarke's charity SameYou nears its goal of £100K.
ID requirements could prevent people with learning disabilities from voting
I’m one of the fortunate athletes with a learning disability who has been able to progress to the top of my game and compete
What we now consider to be hate crime is a subject that has long concerned me, both as a lawyer and as an MP. It has absolutely no place in our society and since being appointed Solicitor General I have made tackling hate crime one of my priorities.
As her father, not only does sleep-in care provide me with peace of mind both now and in the future, but knowing that she is safe and secure at all times gives that critical reassurance that any parent with a disabled child needs. Having someone there, on hand, should Non need care, provides a safety net for her and our family to know that she is protected and secure.
There should be more opportunities for people with a learning disability to get out and about. There should be more clubs for people with a learning disability. There should be more people there to help people to get out and about and when we do go out people shouldn't feel awkward around us.
everybody banner If you have a profound physical disability or complex needs, then a standard disabled toilet just doesn't cut it. Instead, you need a toilet with additional space and equipment like a hoist and an adult sized changing table; these specialised facilities are included in Changing Places toilets.