Michael Douglas

"It’s a little rough when the other parents are saying, 'You must be so proud of your granddaughter’."
Hollywood stars including Danny DeVito, Mark Hamill and Sharon Stone have also paid their respects to the screen legend.
The actor, whose most famous role was Spartacus, was one of the last remaining stars of cinema’s golden age.
He was accused of sexual misconduct ago by a former employee.
He previously claimed he had 'no cancer whatsoever' following comments from Michael Douglas.
Val Kilmer appears to have confirmed that he was previously diagnosed with cancer, despite his past insistences to the contrary
Val Kilmer was very quick to reject Michael Douglas’s claim that he was suffering from throat cancer. Now, the ‘Top Gun’ star
'I love Michael Douglas but he is misinformed... I have no cancer whatsoever.'
Val Kilmer has set the record straight over recent claims that he’s suffering from throat cancer, despite comments to the
Val Kilmer has previously denied he is having cancer treatment.
Val Kilmer has said nothing about his health, following his actor friend Michael Douglas’s comments that “things don’t look
Catherine Zeta-Jones has opened up about her husband Michael Douglas’ cancer battle, and her own diagnosis with bipolar disorder
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Diana Douglas has died at the age of 92, it has been confirmed. The actress, who is Michael Douglas’s mother and the ex-wife
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