multiple sclerosis

"It's been a tough road. But as we all know, the road keeps going."
Living with a chronic condition has made me realise how harmful the mantra is, writes Robin Hatcher.
Going 'back to normal' leaves little room for those of us who are more at risk in a Covid world. But the world never really included us in the first place.
Multiple sclerosis has taught me how to surrender to periods of chaos and, in turn, appreciate the wonderful stretches of calm.
Invisible illnesses such as multiple sclerosis make thousands far more at risk from coronavirus. We all have a responsibility to follow health advice, writes George Pepper.
At first I thought my life was literally over. But then I realised telling my story could help others, writes Jessie Ace.
All you need to know about cannabis-based medicinal products, a year after they were legalised in the UK.
While you might see someone with multiple sclerosis using a walking stick or wheelchair, generally we look the same as everybody else. There is no ‘normal’ example of what MS looks like.
Selma has spoken candidly about the challenges of living with MS, but her red carpet moment showed no one is defined by the condition