Americans tried to calm rattled leaders at an international conference in Munich.
Manchester United are more than just a global football team. They are a symbol of strength, grit and determination against
Smart, sound solutions to the urban racket.
We don’t tend to think of noise pollution in the same way as we do air pollution. Noise pollution, which describes the excessive
Police across the United Kingdom have reacted with a mixture of sorrow, anger and a huge degree of foreboding to events in Dallas, Nice, Baton Rouge and Munich. As each of these tragedies unfolded and as word reaches them of further incidents such as those at Wurzburg, Ansbach and now Saint-Etienne-Du-Rouvray, they will be asking themselves: 'What if.'
Police say there is 'no indication' that this was a terrorist attack
Police say planned attack for over a year
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German police have arrested an Afghan youth on suspicion of a connection to the Munich shopping mall shooter who killed nine