music festivals

This week was what it's all about: bands, DJs, solo artists and more bands. Running a music festival can sometimes seem about everything except music - the form-filling, the meetings, the co-ordination, people management, marketing, budgets, promotions and millions of emails. Ultimately, though, the hard work you put into these things is aimed at creating the best festival line-up and punter experience.
When I first started toying with the idea of exporting the Camden Crawl model to like-minded communities, the Irish capital wasn't the obvious first step that it should have been. I spent two years going round the houses - looking at Paris, Manchester, Amsterdam, Glasgow and Madrid, before winding up in Dublin last summer.
In a way, everyone is a philosopher. We're all trying to work out what our lives are about. In this period of economic, environmental, and political transition, that is surely something worth embracing.
In years past we've had everything from Madness playing on an open-top bus, to Amy Winehouse or Adele crooning in a bar, to a band like Cerebral Ballzy tearing their venue apart. Putting all this together is like constructing a 3D puzzle using only verbal instructions. But when you get it right, it just clicks.
Poptastic music festival T4 On The Beach will return to Weston-Super-Mare this summer for its 10th anniversary celebrations
In an era of global revolution, we'll also ask if art has a duty to be primarily engaged in political change whether or not it is at the top of a buyer's wish list. Most importantly, when faced with the realities of an art world slowly piecing itself back together and an economic climate that promises little immediate relief, the transformative power of creativity is worthy of our discussion.
Most people have crazy ideas after a few drinks, laugh it off the next day and move on, but not us, my background is PR & marketing and Steve's background before running bars was exhibition design and build, so the next day we weren't laughing, we were putting together a budget for flights, hotels, transport, stages, lighting and sound.
I used to love Bestival. So much. The first couple of years, before it was expanded, were an utter delight. I had one of my favourite gigs ever, in the Secret Disco, coming on after Sean Rowley's Guilty Pleasures...Quickly, however, the rot set in.
When you can honestly say you love the toilets at a festival on day three, that festival is probably something special. I love the toilets at Greenbelt.
A regular at music events, Coleen Rooney must have got her festival style down to a fine art by now - and she certainly struck