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The Duke of Sussex wants to raise awareness of the vital role that trees play in our eco-system.
A whale of a photo won the grand prize, and it was an amazing fluke. (Sorry...)
The change, which will affect subscriber copies, will save more than 2.5 million single-use plastic bags each month.
Flying in space was a life-changing experience and one that left me with a lasting perspective of our reality
“Some of what you find in our archives leaves you speechless,” editor-in-chief Susan Goldberg wrote.
Even the shots that didn't take top honours at the awards are breathtaking.
An annual feast for armchair travel fans, the National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2017 has again revealed how marvellous life on Earth is.
Researchers have found scientific evidence suggesting that dogs use facial expressions intentionally to communicate with humans.
National Geographic is known for its incredible photos from around the world. And as it turns out, its readers take some