National Union of Students

National Union of Students calls on education secretary Gavin Williamson to take “decisive action” ahead of Thursday's results being published.
EXCLUSIVE: Meetings called off as office closure runs into second week.
Inside the fresh turmoil that's turned NUS's London office into a no-go zone.
Tory minister Tobias Ellwood has “let the cat out of the bag” by saying the drop in EU students coming to the UK could be
I've been listening to conference, and conference has told me that NUS needs to change. When students turn to us, for help or support or arguments or ideas, they don't get it. And worst still, they're told they don't get it. People see an NUS more interested in infighting and factions than fighting fees. But the change starts here and the change starts now, because our NUS is gonna be different.
'We cannot give our futures away because we are disengaged.'
The National Union of Students has vowed to mobilise thousands of young people ahead of the General Election, calling the
With an increase in hate crime, a resurgence in populist nationalism and the peeling back of state support for those who desperately need it, you could be forgiven for wanting to turn off the TV and retire into passivity. For many bearing the brunt of this hate, this isn't an option, and for all of us campaigning and pushing for social justice, the tide seems unforgiving and persistent.
The NUS needs a President who doesn't conform to and reinforce negative media narratives about students, but one who creates their own narrative through building a movement which can challenge the very discourses that seek to de-legitimise our organising. The NUS doesn't need a credible President, it needs an incredible one. And I'm sorry Tom, that President is not you.