President Joe Biden plans to visit Saudi Arabia and meet with the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in July.
Dominic Raab claimed the dramatic move from Moscow would only isolate Russia further.
Texas traders were being paid to buy barrels of crude after the coronavirus pandemic shook the world economy.
Saudi stocks fell sharply on Sunday after drone attacks on two oil plants knocked out more than half of Saudi crude oil output -- more than 5% of the world's crude supply.
The only good news is that producers have reduced a lot of the costs out of the process and are prepared to endure a prolonged period of lower prices.
Here's how the "illegal" sale of our oil stockpile could impact us.
But the state-owned entity has refused to confirm or deny reports about its request to be placed under administration.
There's little that excites me more in theatre than ambitious, thought-provoking productions. In fact, there's only one thing
"My father rode a camel. I drive a car. My son flies a jet aeroplane. His son will ride a camel." A Saudi aphorism Theatre