Oliver Dowden

The deputy prime minister suggested UK "civic society" has treated Israeli deaths differently to George Floyd's murder.
The deputy prime minister refused to say whether he had read all of the government's plans for dealing with a pandemic.
The deputy prime minister repeatedly refused to condemn Boris Johnson over his comments about old people.
The deputy PM insisted Israel was "seeking to minimise civilian casualties".
Defence secretary and deputy prime minister filmed giggling as prime minister addressed parliament.
Prime minister pictured with wife Akshata Murty and their two daughters taking a stroll in Santa Monica.
The deputy prime minister is in charge after Rishi Sunak jetted to California for a family holiday.
MPs laughed, applauded and shouted "more" after her demolition of the deputy prime minister.
But Jeremy Hunt admitted the government had prepared for the wrong kind of outbreak.
Even the deputy PM couldn't keep a straight face after his SNP gaffe.