Oliver Dowden

The money will help the former prime minister defend himself against claims he misled parliament.
The cabinet minister repeated the debunked claim that giving public sector workers what they want would cost the government £28 billion.
George Eustice also said the government had endured a particularly difficult six months.
"We cannot carry on with business as usual. Somebody must take responsibility."
"Hugely valuable as a souvenir of partygate," read the note on the champagne bottle.
Tory chairman Oliver Dowden claimed Starmer was standing down candidates "in swathes of the country" where Lib Dem support is strong.
The former culture secretary claimed western democracies were under threat from so-called cancel culture.
Trevor Phillips struggled to stop his voice from cracking as he relived the tragedy which took place days after one of the alleged No.10 parties.
Oliver Dowden said Boris Johnson should stay as prime minister despite saying "the whole country was angered" by partygate.
The BBC Breakfast host called for "very straightforward answers" around a potential Covid rules breach last year.