Paddington Bear

I've been nominated for that social media challenge of picking ten books which affected me or shaped me in some way- and there's a challenge to savour. A week's thinking and a bit of writing later, here it is. Plots thankfully recovered.
Following the news that 'The King's Speech' star Colin Firth is going to be the voice of Paddington in a new film about the
Colin Firth has revealed he will be the voice of Paddington Bear in a new film based on the adventures of the duffle coat
Airport staff are hunting the owner of a much-loved, 100-year-old teddy bear, found left behind in a departure lounge. The
My argument is that Paddington asks us to take a closer look at the politics shaping perceptions of migration in the UK. The stories shine a light on the paradox of how foreigners are regarded as both a positive and negative force in this country.
When Bond created Paddington in 1958 he was an innocent mirror on Britain of the time. The Paddington of 2012 would be an altogether different affair. Would he make it past Heathrow customs without a issuing a hard stare or two? How would he cope with three-fruit marmalade? 
Paddington Bear is swapping darkest Peru for the bright lights of Hollywood after plans were announced to bring the character
Paddington Bear has been named the nation's most loved animated character. The marmalade-loving, duffle-coat wearing, black