The prime minister recently declared that Britain needs a pay rise. We completely agree... (By Andrea Mann and David Beresford
George Osborne's economic management has been awkwardly undermined as new figures show Britons' wages have continued to fall
Britons will have to wait a bit longer to feel the benefit of the pay squeeze ending, as official new figures indicate any
The pay squeeze may be nearing its end as new official figures indicate that the growth in wages is now outstripping prices
The pay of company directors has increased almost twice as fast as for workers and by even more compared with pre-tax profits
Protesters have gathered outside the Department for Work and Pensions demanding the sacking of welfare minister Lord Freud
Britain is on the verge of becoming a "permanently divided" nation with the poorest in society left behind, a major new report
The average director of a top company is now paid 85 times as much as the average member of their staff, according to a new
A job is better than no job, but an economy that creates more part-time work, fake self-employment and low value work, and which continually cuts the real wages of its workers, is not healthy.
The pay squeeze is not yet over, despite the resurgent economy, as official figures show that inflation is continuing to