There are already lots of ways to unlock smartphones. You can swipe it, talk to it, put your fingerprints on it or just press
More than 1 billion smartphones were sold in 2013, according to a new study. Research firm IDC said that Samsung was the
British and American spy agencies use mobile phone applications such as the game Angry Birds to gain access to users' personal
"These are pretty subtle odour signals that allow me to create sentences, paragraphs and essays, if you will, of odour messages
In case you hadn't noticed, BlackBerry is in serious, serious trouble. But don't worry - declining sales, marketshare and
Your phone is disgusting - not because it's old, or doesn't have a fingerprint reader, but because it's covered in bacteria
BlackBerry has announced yet another set of disappointing financial results as it struggles to turn around its ailing smartphone
BlackBerry has no shortage of problems at the moment - but one thing it apparently doesn't lack is luxury-minded partners
BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has stood down amid ongoing turmoil at the former smartphone giant. The company said that John
I've never understood how spending your precious time stacking icons of fruits on top of each other does much good for the world. Nor how, instead of watching live music, it is better to watch it through your phone screen, desperately trying to film it over the shoulder of the person in front of you.