We need evidence-based strategies to ensure such violence does not occur again. We must be vigilant to ensure we do not inadvertently fall into the trap of violent extremists, making our society less free, divided and suspicious of each other.
Muslim students make up a significant proportion of Britain's further and higher educational institutions. These young people are as varied as the Muslim community itself: a 'community of communities' and not - contrary to what some might believe - a single monolithic block.
Like every anti-establishment movement before it, the al-Qaeda has become cool and recruiters know that and take care to cultivate this image. In our work, we found one terrorist recruiter who urged young male Muslims to join global jihad for "the adventure - it's better than a holiday"
There will be differences of opinion and approaches in tackling this. But the constant demonisation of Muslims and their institutions by the media, and the lacklustre response by the Westminster political class to anti-Muslim intolerance, is not helpful.
The British reaction to the undoubted security challenges we face in the 21st century has not been one of how we strengthen our democracy.