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Anne told Vanity Fair she's the "the boring old fuddy-duddy at the back saying, 'Don’t forget the basics.'"
Another video shows Princess Anne appearing to shun the president.
Personally, I think Wills' best option would be to book himself and the kids into a cage at London zoo for three days a week - it'd be a lot more interesting for the rest of us, and he'd certainly have a deal sight more fun than he does with any of his odious Royal Chores.
Badgers are our largest surviving carnivore and have lived in our landscape for over half million years. Some badger setts in our countryside are over 500 years old and date back to the Elizabethan era. However our relationship with this iconic species has often been savage and cruel.
Gassing badgers is a "much nicer way" to control them, the Princess Royal has said. Anne also spoke of her pro-stance on
If Princess Anne wanted to ignite a debate on the desirability of eating horsemeat, she has succeeded. It is a shame that the media discussion following her comments is largely based on unsubstantiated premises and not on fact.
The Princess Royal's argument, which she put forward in a speech to the charity World Horse Welfare, is that people would look after their horses more carefully if they were planning to turn them into steaks and burgers later on. However, in our experience, any animal used for food is much more likely to be treated with disrespect than with respect. Given the regular exposés of mistreated pigs and chickens raised for food, it's absurd to think people would take better care of horses if there were a market for their meat.
David Starkey has once again found himself at the centre of controversy after he called Princess Anne a horse-like following
It's a debate that tends to really stirrup the emotions, but David Cameron has risked being branded a neigh-sayer by Princess