quit smoking

"Going out for a fag, eh?" Boyfriend's brother simpers sarcastically, as I spectacularly fail to sneak out for a cigarette without the usual derision.
A lot of people are going to fail their quit smoking attempts today. I quit smoking for good just over four years ago. And not smoking rules. But I had help...
John Terry is taking legal advice after an image of him appeared as a "Smoking Kills" warning on packets of Indian cigarettes
Even though I'm about as good as it gets, I realised that it is about that time of year to start thinking about how to better myself in the coming 12 months. I've drawn up three for now, let me know yours in the comments section.
More than a quarter of young smokers believe cigarettes in "glitzy" packaging are less harmful than other brands, a health
A 20-a-day smoker could save at least £2,500 a year and improve their health by giving up cigarettes, according to an anti
This post was originally written September 5th 2010. I am middle-class, Caucasian, British, a graduate, a home owner, a full