Trump asked if the visiting leader's name was like "Fook You," according to Ted Osius, the former US ambassador to Vietnam.
President Donald Trump's lawyer kept up the offensive chatter in podcast footage his team accidentally posted.
Cops seized a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle that a local lawyer pointed at Black Lives Matter protesters last month.
Franklin Thomas came to Britain from Jamaica in 1961. He remembers hearing Enoch Powell's speech and the effect it had on him.
Syracuse University suspended its chapter of Theta Tau after a video of an initiation ceremony showed members spewing hate speech.
In the 1960s my father was a victim of racist graffiti - 'No Blacks - Go Home' was sprayed on the pavement outside his home
Obviously, people of colour provide such inspiration that it might seem irresistible to engage with this through a fancy-dress costume, but maybe think again. Go as Ginger Spice instead of a Geisha, Ali G rather than Jay Z and if you are after something more nostalgic, Andy Pandy as an alternative to a golliwog. Just please, for your own sake, don't bring out the face paint.
Racist posters calling for ‘white zones’ have been found pasted in residential streets in Newbury. Featuring a cartoon character