Five-year-old Rottweiler Maggie loves to pick up plastic bottles on her walks. Her owner Susan Parr says Maggie worked her way up from picking up tennis to collecting litter. Parr set up #BeMoreLikeMaggie to encourage people to recycle.
Too lazy to send it off in exchange for cash? This is for you.
The full cost isn't always reflected in the price tag.
Half of the parents said their children reminded them to use reusable bags.
Campaigners push for scheme to include all packaging sizes.
1.8 million people complained about bin collections last year 🗑️
Unilever is planning a trial that will let shoppers send back empty jars to be refilled 🥄
A fashion fan, an elite runner and a former shopaholic share their tips
The UK’s charity retailers have reported a surge in clothing donations, thanks to people being inspired by the Marie Kondo series “Tidying Up.” If you’re inspired to “Spark Joy” by clearing out your wardrobe, here are five things you can do with your old clothes.