Ricky Gervais

The former Wernham Hogg office manager makes his big screen debut this month.
Ricky Gervais may have been persuaded to bring his alter ego to the big screen, but he warns that soon he’ll have to kill
'Imagine what they'd have done if you had exposed yourself.'
Making reference to various incidents in the house, including Marnie Simpson exposing herself to Saira Khan, Aubrey O’Day
Ricky Gervais is sure to stir up some controversy with the lyrics to his latest song from the upcoming film ‘David Brent
He's bringing David Brent to the big screen in August.
Ricky Gervais has always said he can’t act, however it turns out he’s being self-deprecating. The multi award-winning writer
No matter how crazy the outside world might seem to be, the sanctity of the cinema always provides a refuge. It has been much needed this past month and I expect it will continue to be for the foreseeable future. It helps that the content on screen has been strong this year too, and what initially seemed like a tricky year admissions wise, has so far offered pleasant surprises at regular intervals.
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