“You are going to die if you don’t get out of the way!” Disturbing new footage from the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riots shows the mob threatening police officers as they force their way through Congress.
The government's recent stress on punishment is a deeply worrying turn, write social psychologists Stephen Reicher and Clifford Stott.
Social isolation is being coupled with marginalisation through economic means. And what you’re left with is a coiled spring, criminology lecturer Jen Hough writes.
Ministry of Justice confirms 'ongoing' incident in Worcestershire jail.
Riot-trained police have been sent to calm a disturbance at a high-security prison amid reports inmates have attacked staff
The only way to defeat the white nationalists we saw this weekend is through confrontation. Talking and appeasing never has, and never will, work against Nazis. To simply let fascism walk through our streets and say, "well they have freedom of speech, so even though I disagree, I will let them tote swastikas and perform Nazi salutes" is an insult not just to your own, but to veterans across the world who constantly fought Nazism throughout the 20th Century. We must confront them. We must not let them spread their hateful ideology further. There is no place in a modern-day society for such backwards beliefs, and this is why we all must stand up to them and show them that Nazism will be defeated again and will never be prevalent.
February 21st 1952, Dhaka. The fallen bodies of students and teachers lie scattered amid a campus-turned-battlefield, as
Post-Brexit Britain has seen anti-immigrant hate crime and racial violence in some areas; this has highlighted insecurity within minority and immigrant communities. Political leadership has to tackle this robustly, before this starts reversing the positive achievement.