Rob Lowe

I Am Patrick Swayze will air in the US on what would have been the actor's 67th birthday.
“He’s a stud, I love him. He’s awesome.”
The actor said "British men set a very low bar" when it comes to vanity.
Rob Lowe is facing a backlash over a tweet he sent out on Friday night, in reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris. Following
Rob Lowe has finally revealed the secret behind his age-defying appearance. The 'Parks and Recreation' star somehow manages
It's hard to believe, but these seminal films all came out in 1985 - yes, that is thirty years ago. Yes, I know... me too
Twitter reaction so far puts Lowe in the lead for this one... But the non-existent wittiest tweet prize has to go to Matt
It's nearly 10 years since it left our screens, but thanks to the modern miracle known as 'box sets' (and Sky TV), 'The West